E-polette glasses + GIVEAWAY


Since I have started University I have to do loads of my homework on my laptop, which can sometimes really hurt my eyes after a while. I have noticed that I got more severe headaches then I already have and that I cannot sleep that well since the last few weeks. Today I am going to be showing you guys glasses that will prevent, even if it is just a little, headaches and will let you sleep. Also, at the end of this article I will explain how you can win a pair of these glasses yourself. Continue reading

Make your hands Fall ready with Greenland’s Fruit Emotions hand cream

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Summer break is almost over and that means that Fall is slowly arriving. This will also mean that the weather is going to chance which leads to one main thing I really hate: dry hands. I always get dry hands during environmental changes. So, today I am going to test a hand cream from the brand Greenland. If you are curious whether this product will be my savior this Fall then please keep on reading. Continue reading

New Napoleon candy flavours

IMAG1074.jpgToday I have a really exciting review for you guys and it is not your typical beauty product review. No! It is *drum rolls* a food review and in today’s food review I am going to taste three new flavors Napoleon candy that recently came out. So, if you are curious whether these are as good as the flavors Napoleon already has then please keep on reading. Continue reading

Items from Timi accessories


Today I am going to show you guys a few cool jewelry items I got from a Swedish web shop called Timi accessories. First things first, I love this web shop so much and find their jewelry so cute, yet so elegant. You could almost say that their accessories are Tumblr and I am sure most girls in the same age category as me will love these so without further ado lets jump right into it! Continue reading

Sweet lips with new Greenland tinted lipbalms


‘What time is it? Summer time!’

How have you guys been? It has been such a long time since I have posted something on my blog! I apologize therefore, but I have some good news. The reason why I did not have the time to write something on my blog was due to school, but I can finally say that I graduated college and now have loads of time to blog again. I am so excited because I missed blogging, like a lot, but since I have the time now and it is almost summer, I wanted to show you guys some really cool new tinted lip balms from this brand named Greenland to get those lips summer ready! Continue reading

Outfit post with Polette Eyewear sunglasses


I absolutely adore sunglasses especially if they are hipster looking. With Coachella coming up and it being my favourite season of the year now, I am more thrilled to wear them. Most of you know that I love the glasses and sunglasses from Polette Eyewear. Instead of doing a review like I have done before, I decided to do a spring outfit post featuring sunglasses from Polette I got a few weeks ago. Without further ado lets jump right into the outfit post!

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Fashionable socks from Qnoop

2016-02-20 14.52.29.png

If you guys follow me for a long time you know I absolutely love fashion and especially when it comes to unique piece of clothing e.g. socks. I honestly think that socks are like accessories and top off the whole outfit! So, a few days ago I received a cool pair of fashionable socks from Qnoop, which is an Amsterdam based contemporary sustainable sock wear label and I am already obsessed with them.

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Katja: I love veggie + Giveaway

Snoep assortiment Katja

As a person who loves candy and eats it every ones in a while, it can be hard to find sweets that are veggie. I have always been a big fan of the candy of this particular Dutch candy brand called Katja. Mainly, because they sold these sour candies that did not include gelatin. Recently, I heard they started selling veggie candy. So I had to try them out. And if you want to try them out also, then please keep on reading to see how you can win a package full of the new Katja veggie sweets!

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